A350-1000 introduction

What do people think of the first A350-1000?
I think it looks very classy lol✈️❤️


  • This aircraft looks amazing
  • Um
  • This aircraft isn’t to great

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Sorry for the poor resolution :/ it said my original picture was to big. But I hope you can sort of like barely lol see what it looks like

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Do you think it will ever be released for IF?

Anything that rivals the 777 is a no, except for aircraft I accept

Are you the competition regulator?

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Idk what that means

It’s the people in government who enforce laws on firms regarding competition.
Anyways I’m kinda off topic…

Do you think it will be better then the triple seven?

I put some pictures in and copied the link. This aircraft is scheduled to enter service in 2017!!! Brand new Airbus wow

If anyone is interested in this amazing new aircraft!!! History is in the making folks

Personally I thought it should be released alongside the 787, due to the many similarities that they have in terms of mechanics. It would be something cool for both the Airbus and Boeing lovers. But, I guess they chose not to do that, or it wasn’t suggested. I do think that it will make it into the game, however, when I do not know

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We wish to see this beautiful.

I can say a350 is the most beautiful plane in the world, the a350-1000 is just stunning with that ‘1000’ number on it.

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