A350-1000 for IF

The A350-1000 is the largest variant of the A350 family. It is a highly capable aircraft and has even more range than the base model A350-900. The community has manifested its preference for the A350, and I believe that the A350-1000 will be a great addition to IF, complementing the A350-900 and providing fliers with more options to choose from. Time and time again the community’s preference for large, long haul widebody jets have been made clear, and the A350-1000 is one of the best out long haul widebody jets out there, if not the best, being able to fly 15,800km at a speedy 0.85M. Not only is the A350-1000 a large widebody jet, which is what the majority of the community wants, but it is also a highly capable aircraft. If added to IF, this will provide an alternative variant for A350 and widebody fans out there to fly. Quite frankly, demand for the A350 was immeasurable, and I believe there are still those that would very much like to fly an A350-1000 in game. Having an A350-1000 in game will essentially provide many with more options and more flexibility. Its long haul capabilities will provide fliers with the flexibility to do ultra long haul flights, and with QF having ordered the A350-1000, those that favor realistic flying will have an aircraft to do SYD-JFK/LHR with. Being another variant also means that even more variants can be added, providing more players with more choices, such as VS and BA (which may I add, both are stunningly colorful liveries). I believe it is imperative for the A350-1000 to be in IF. Please do spare a vote for the A350-1000.


“Well everyone, A350 is finally here! We’re closing this feature request, knowing that some of you are very much hoping for the -1000 variant. We’re unsure at this time whether or not it will make its way into the fleet. Having said that, we won’t be allowing new A350-1000 feature request threads. If you see someone asking please direct them to this exact response. This will save votes. Don’t worry, we won’t forget that it’s wanted!”

Quoted this from Jason.

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Whoops, I’m still not sure why a thread isn’t allowed, but ok.

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If you believe something and are not 100% I think it would be best to always check with mods, as they have already shared there opinion with this above.

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