A350-1000 first long haul flight test

It lives!
The A350-1000 has completed its first tester long haul flight. The cabin crew were courtesy of Virgin Airlines and most of the passengers were Airbus workers.

I think this test went really well and the cabin of the aircraft looks really stunning. Looks like the 787 is going to have a run for its money ;)


The start of a new successful airplane!


That is just a breathtaking aircraft. All of the body lines are so graceful and elegantly designed. The cabin is nothing short of stunning. Definitely a gorgeous aircraft inside and out.


Eh actually it’s going to be 777 that will run for its money. A350 compete more directly with 777. Largest Dreamliner variant, B787-10, has similar length as A350-900 and B777-200. A350-1000 is long as B777-300, it has 6 wheels on each main landing gear like B777. New variants of 777 will bite back with their longer length, new engines and new wings.

It still look quite nice, would be better if it’s winglet wasn’t so curvy and Airbus got rid of black color on cockpit windows.


The a350 is better than 787 for shore look at this


I meant look sorry at this…auto correct

wonder what air new zealand will do to replace 777-200ER maybe airbus a350-900?

Source : Airbus

It must be lovely to take a hop for 11 hours circling around Europe! ❤


Trust me George, Europe gets rather boring…

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I do not agree at all.


Honestly I like the A350 Exterior more than the 787 exterior (In my opinion 787 wings are better) but I mean the a350 exterior Design is just Stunning.

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