A350-1000 Complain :/

It’s unfortunate that the A350-1000 is not available in Infinite Flight, and it can be frustrating that feature requests are not allowed. It’s understandable that the developers may already have plans to add the aircraft, but allowing users to vote on the A350-1000 feature would demonstrate the strong demand and eagerness for its inclusion in the game. Adding as many aircraft as possible is ideal, and user feedback can help shape the game’s future updates. It would be valuable for Infinite Flight to evaluate the level of interest and the speed at which players want to see the A350-1000 introduced. I really think making it possible for users to vote on the A350-1000 would be something that shows the enthusiasm and interest for the plane, and if it is not possible, at least start an update as soon as possible or something…

PD: This is NOT a feature request, as stated above, it is a sort of complain.

some nice pic of an A35K from Etihad in a special livery


Mod response on the topic:

Another reason I believe is the lack of operators for the A35K. Only 50% of airlines who have orders for the A35K actually currently fly them.


Plus almost all the operators of the A35K also operate the A359 and their liveries are in the game, the only two airlines that do operate the A35K but don’t operate the A359 are Etihad, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways

yeah the first reason is “reasonable” lol, the second reason though, it’s not like the aircraft is an A330-800Neo or an A318.

Air Algérie
Air India
Ethiopian Airlines
Japan Airlines
Philippine Airlines

Air Caraibes (which actually does not have a 900 version yet the aircraft was added)
British Airways
Etihad Airways
Qatar Airways
Virgin Atlantic

IF decided to add the United Airlines A359 and Emirates A359, so they could do the same thing with the ordered aircrafts.

They do

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only three* virgin atlantic.

I just added that one, forgot about it 😅

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yeah my bad, I just realised

Anyway, I think they could do this to have a greater fleet of airplanes flying around the world tbh

Infinite Flight staff will offer an opportunity to vote for such aircraft if they feel that it would work in their internal development timeline.

Given all of the other long haul airliners that we have at the moment, I personally think it could be some time before the -1000 sees the light of day. Use the -900 for the time being. 🙂