A350-1000 addition to the game

One Plane I’ve been wanting in the game since I’ve played is the A350-1000 I’ve loved this plane so much and ever since Virgin Atlantic and British airways had flights from London to Atlanta using their A350-1000 I’ve been wanting to replicate the flight but unable to because it sadly wasn’t added with the A350-900 variant but adding this plane would be amazing at least teasing it in the next update like what was done with the a330-900 and take as long as you need to work on it i wouldn’t care as long as I know it’s coming to the game soon.

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Hey mate,

I recommend taking a read through the post that I’ve linked below from Jason, one of the Infinite Flight staff members in regards to the addition of the Airbus A350-1000.

This will most likely provide you some insight and answer your question.

Take care!


Check out the post Declan linked for more information