A340 worth flying?

Hello community so I was thinking about switching to the Airbus A340 - 600. I did some research online and it doesn’t seem like a very popular aircraft and looks like it is actually being phased out. I have flown the Triple 7 exclusively since I started Infinite Flight over a year ago. It looks like from what I’ve read in my research that there are only about less than 400 of these planes operating, they’re going the way of the 747 - 4. And the production was seized in 2011. So my question is what are your thoughts and do you think the A340 is worth Learning to Fly? Another question for me is do you think that twin engines are the new dominant aircraft style.? Aircraft are very difficult to learn and I don’t want to waste time learning an aircraft that is soon going to be phased out completely all of your opinions are well-respected and very much appreciated, thank you.


While the A340s are being phased out, it’s still a real neat aircraft to fly on IF! Personally I haven’t flown it too much but I just love the length and design of it. It’s different, a quad jet that isn’t a double decker how cool is that?!
(Yes I love the 707 series also)


Sure why not, it’s not that hard to learn how to fly new long haul aircraft in IF. This is due to that most long haul aircraft with a normal weight pretty much always land at 130=140kts, most handle pretty much the same, and most rotate around 150-170kts.

I suggest just play around with them in solo for a few minutes then make your decision.

P.S. I love the a340, so fun to fly!


Hi, Jeffrey_Varga, thank you for your input. How do you think it compares to the 747-8?. And do you know if the A340 uses a yoke or joystick?


Compared to 747-8, it rotates, lands and I believes cruises slower than the 748. (747-8 is kinda clunky to fly, gotta have long and wide approaches and be very patient with doing anything with it) I also believe all Airbus aircraft use a side stick (also known as a joystick). Personally I like the A340 the best for flying but the 748 for taking photos :D

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Awesome! Now is it just clunky to fly because of its double deck? What would you sag about me switching to the a340 from a 777 as the a340 is no longer in production :(.

748 is clunky because it is very big and does not respond to input as fast (and very heavy) I really enjoy the 777 family, they are such a joy and have many, many liveries. Feel free! I love all of them a lot! Personally I enjoy the 777 more because there are more variants and more liveries to choose from here in IF.

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Well Lufthansa won’t retire their A346s yet so, I think you should learn it!
Sadly no ground effect tho:(
But it’s pretty easy to fly!
Just watch the tail!!

What ground effect are missing?

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What do you mean???

What do you mean by this?

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I ment that the ground effect is missing on this aircraft in IF

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What about the 747-8 does it have ground effect?

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No, it does not. But the 777 has ground effect :)


I rarely fly this bird but I’d assume it would be kinda like an A333but different in other ways ,A340 has a very similar body to the A333
I think it’s a great pane to fly

No one really flies it anymore, but if you think it’s a good plane give it a go, too bad it hasn’t gotten an update of liveries since it was released…


I’d actually love to fly it all the time but the physics and graphics in IF are just horrible right now, so I guess I have to wait for the rework ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Like @Patria I also really would love to know about what you mean by the phrase ‘ground effects’…


To everyone asking about ground effects : Ground effects are the physics system in IF that, when a plane reaches a certain speed, it generates more lift than going at a slower speed. It mainly applies to fixed wing aircraft but other aircrafts in IF have it as well.
Here’s a video :

Hopefully this helps! :)


Ahhh…so when I smashed into a mountain the other day it was because I couldn’t get totally of the ground. 🤔🤔🤔

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