A340 still hard landing

Personally, I think although A340 has an improvement of texture in 21.1 open beta, it still hardlanding. So I am a bit disappointing

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Okay, a texture rework is not the same as a physics rework. It only makes the plane look better…


Its a texture improvement not rework

Is this necessary?

Not necessary there’s no need to be nasty.

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the physics are outdated.

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Hello @Fung_Sum-sum,

Aircraft that haven’t been recently reworked, such as the Boeing 787 family, had worse graphics that those of the newer, reworked aircraft such as the Boeing 777 family. Therefore, with the introduction of the 21.1 update, these aircraft’s complexion, or texturing will be massively improved to bring the appearance of the aircraft up to the standard we have seen in recently reworked aircraft. Unfortunately, this improvement does not include an overhaul of physics, and the other features that I will list later on in this reply. The rework of the A340-600 may be considered in the future, depending on certain factors, but for now the development team are not focusing on this.

Please feel free to vote for the following feature request if you haven’t done so already:

Included in this feature request are:

  • realistic fuel consumption

  • the autopilot speed bug (you’re always a little slower than you should be with A/P on)

  • updated physics and ground effect

  • cones of the engines aren’t visible at the moment

  • wing flex

  • addition of APPR

  • more liveries


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