A340 still alive

The one thing the Wikipedia editors didn’t edit after it happened. 😂

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Lol 😂 I’m gonna edit that !

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Yes, the a340 is still alive. The a346 is my dad’s favorite plane! Currently the largest operator of the a346 on the longest flights is Iberia, to most places in South America and even a few places in Central America and Mexico City. Virgin atlantic I think still uses theirs, Lufthansa is using theirs for a lot of routes too, Mahan air is still using them, and I think that might be all of the major commercial airlines operating them frequently. SAA is phasing them out slowly. Ofc, the a343 is also being used but by different airlines too, like LH, Joon, and ,more.


Joon actually isn’t around anymore, it got absorbed back into Air France since they didn’t do to hot. Any of the Joon A343s are flying for Air France, although I’m not sure if all of them got repainted back to AF colors yet


At DFW we get Lufthansa’s A340-300 and in places like LAX, and DTW they get the A346. For Iberia I know Lima and Santiago are some examples. South African and SAS are phasing them out for the A359.

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Oui Oui, Baguette. (That is the extent of my french knowledge)

It is a cool plane though with an impressive range.

In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful aircraft in the skies and no other aircraft touches down that soft like an A340…

You can use websites like Flightradar24 to find A340 that are still flying. Please always give credit to the owners of the pictures when sharing them on the IFC.