A340 rework?

The A340 rework thread was closed earlier this year in January, with demand being noted. However, it seems to have been forgotten, with the attention being focused on the A350 and 777. Do y’all folks think that perhaps, an A340 rework will come with an A330 rework since that thread was closed as well? Or will it simply be forgotten, never to be seen again? I’d like to hear your opinions.

Not sure about the A340 rework, and when it is going to happen. There still is the A340 “light” rework open. As you said, most attention right now is on the A350

It was closed when they already had aircraft in the works. So i don’t see why you think they forgot… especially if it was closed only earlier this year so

Could you clarify your statement?

Their working on it but haven’t announced it

If so, that would be strange since it’s not in their nature to work on things unannounced. But then again, the TBM with working screens and the C172 were kept as a surprise, so this is possible.

Now please clarify that. Because no need for false information unless it’s true or you send proof with the statement. The A340 will get reworked when it gets reworked. Right now, the 777 and A350 are their main focus along with the almost finished C172. Keep an eye on #announcements for future reworks/updates. Also maybe keep and eye on #blog


Continue in the rework topic that @Scandanavian54super linked for you.

@BadPlane 🤨uhhhh… What? Please stop spreading false information among the community. If they haven’t announced it yet, how would you know that they’ve started work on it? Even beta testers aren’t this lucky to find that sort of information out. Thanks.