a340 out of production

Does any one know why Airbus stooped with the production of the a340 since 2011?


Firstly, it was out of demand I believe, and they needed room for the A350 assembly line.

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If you fly in one you will notice that the interior design is a bit old. Except if the airline change it

Im sure its a waste of fuel and soem airlines call it the fuel hog

Back when the A340 and A330 were fresh, the A340 was assumed as the future of Airbus’ widebody production. It had 4 engines, could fly fast and far, and was not under ETOPS regulations. The A330 was meant as a shorter range hauler. However, when the airlines saw that a massive twin jet widebody was possible, the Boeing 777, they started to move towards a twin jet standard since 2 engines is obviously more efficient than 4 engines. The A340-200 was too small for its own good because of the “smaller sibling syndrome”. A340-300 was less efficient than the 777-200. So Airbus tried out the A340-500 and A340-600. A340-500 was built for ULH operations but the ULH market is and was extremely small and when the more efficient 777-200LR was introduced, the A340-500 became history. The A340-600 was initially in a “monopoly” position but when the 777-300ER was introduced, the A346s end had come. The only advantage to the A340-600 was commonality with the A330 and existing A340 models and there wasn’t much of a market for the latter. Iberia got some more frames and production was shuttered.

Airbus decided that the A340 was not worth keeping alive and they shuttered the line, kept the A330 running, and used the valuable factory space for the A350 (An aircraft with a future).

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The Boeing 717 has also had production stopped for years. It still was added, though.

Correct but what’s that got to do with what I commented above.