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The usual happened: yesterday I saw there was a special departing from Schiphol tomorrow, so I launched preparations to go spot it. This time it was an Airbus A340-300, quite a rare plane at Schiphol nowadays.

Camera Equipment

Canon Eos 2000d + Tamron AF70-300mm f/4-5.6

Enjoy the photos!

Flight Information

Aircraft: Airbus A340-313
Airline: Swiss
Registration: HB-JMH
Serial number: 0585
Flight number: LX725
Aircraft Age: 17 years, February 2004

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  • #2 face to face
  • #3 runway lineup

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Thanks for visiting!


Yes, the legendary hairdryer plane
Great shots!

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Fantastic shots!

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Cool shots!

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Some cool pictures :)

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Haha yeah. Thanks!

Thanks a million guys!

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How have I missed this?! Fantastic pictures of one of the nowadays rare but very cool A340s, looking especially great in the SWISS livery :)

Thanks for sharing!

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No big deal bruv😂

Thanks a lot Julian!

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I forgot the true beauty of this aircraft.

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I don’t get that

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What a beautiful plane😍

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The reason why the A343 is called a hairdryer is because the pylon attached to the engine makes the whole structure look like a hairdryer. It’s a well known nickname for the A340-300

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Ahhh, ok, now I get it

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How could you🤭

I’m not entirely sure where it came from either, all I know is that people call the A340-300 that.
Edit: see @TheGlobalAviator’s post

I agree! Thanks for viewing!

What a beauty! 😍

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Love a340’s


I’m not really a fan of the -600
-400 I think is meh.
Love the -500

Pls don’t kill me guys

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