A340 compared to E175

Server: Expert
Flight: N/A
Aircraft: A340 and E175
Where: KJFK

So I took this screen shot whenever I was waiting in line to takeoff at JFK, and there was a E175 in front of me. So whenever the E175 was right in front of me, I took this screenshot comparing of how big the a340 really is. As you can see, the engines of the a340 are almost as big as the fuselage of the E175!

I edited it a little bit to look better, but give me your thoughts.


“He’s behind me isn’t he”


Haha whoops I messed up lol

Gah dam 💀

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WoW , that’s a nice one

Next do this with the A380…I am now intrigued to see how big it really is to the E175. I mean obviously it’s big but the question is how big? (PS: Cool photo and nice edit)!

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Maybe would consider toning down the edit…a little bit.


Sure! I do it once the new a380 gets released!

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Are you sure it’s not a hallucination because the colors are…off.

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