A340 cockpit issues

I don’t generally use cockpit view nor fly at night very often, so this was a rather lucky catch. Basically, the screen glow added to the A340 was taken from the old A330 with no modifications whatsoever, which is evident by looking at the engine panel (look how glowing things overlap engines 1 and 4, and no indications from those engines glow up). Also, there are only 3 landing gear indicators (again, likely just copied from the old A330), when there should be 4. Will these be fixed? Not until a rework. Will I report them anyway? Why not?

(Of course, there are many other issues, such as the landing gear lever working opposite of how it should, which, too, will only be fixed when the A340 is fully reworked.)

Device: Galaxy S20
Operating system: Android 13
Infinite Flight version: 24.2.2


To quote your own words, these will only be fixed in case the aircraft is reworked. It’s a legacy aircraft, issues like these are highly unlikely to be fixed without a rework. :)