A340-600 VS 777-300ER Which one is your pick? [Poll]

So today I want to buy more planes and I’ve narrowed it down to the 2 I like but, I want to know which one of those is your favourite and which one should I get

  • A340-600
  • 777-300ER
  • None of the above

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Happy Landings!
-Qarti 660 Heavy

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@Rotate which one would you chose?

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I’ve always been eyeing the 777 and always wanting to get it but now I know it’s worth the money

I agree. Everything is so precise and the physics are almost (probably) the same as real world b777-300er’s

777 any day imo :)

Seconded. I’ve got both but mostly use the 777.

Looking at the feedback. The 777 is winning and by the way does anybody know how to setup a poll?

  • a340-600
  • 777-300ER

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Thanks! How did you do that?


Use this, it’s simple :)

Thank you very much! Setting it up now

In real life I’m actually very in favor of the A346. It somehow looks nice to me and it is nothing you see every day like a B777. In IF it is a lot more fun flying the B777 though. It’s physics are very balanced and it’s a great experience.

The 777 is better since its newer and is very detailed. The A346 has an old flight model and doesn’t fly the smoothest.

The 777 provides the best value. A pleasure to fly with plenty of power to get the heaviest of loads off the ground. Don’t rotate before 170 knots with a heavy load though.

Both. A346 uses slower speed to flare though