A340-600 unreal low speed needed to flair / properly land

I was coming in in a SA a340 when I normally go to my normal speed of 137 on approach the plane climbed up at the .5 pitch mark and it was only until I sped down to 129 it decent / approached/ flair normally, and ik this isn’t what speed these planes actually land at, well the development of this plane was long ago in IF so probally the physics are not right until they get a rework also the fuel, it said I had 10 1/2 hrs of fuel, the flight from Cape Town to Athens is 9 hrs but when I decent it only shown 20 mins remaining and Ik I was in danger so I diverted, but yes ik since this plane was developed in the old days of if and the physics engine wasn’t good yet but I hope they rework the a330 and a340 as they already did the a320 a319 18 idk if you notice this stuff too

Yeah the A340 has really inaccurate fuel consumption, and as you said it’s physics are really outdated, so don’t expect much

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