A340-600 not included in vote

The A340-600 as it already exists in infinite flight is very glitched and generally hard to fly. But the option wasn’t included. Instead a new airplane option was made. Why? Can you fix this?

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The A343 request has much more votes than the A346.

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Check out my response here:


The A340-600 won’t get deleted or a protest will happen.

The A346 will get removed most likely and so will the other 747 and 787 variants (if they win)

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The -300 is an Aircraft that I hate to fly (compared to the -600) it’s so underpowered so it’s no longer rightfully controllable. It’s powered by weak CFM-56 engines while the -600 is powerful Trent 500 Engines specifically made for the plane.

If the A340-300 were to win it would serve as the replacement for the -600 and the A346 would be removed. Again, our category based aircraft votes are compilation of the top votes from #features in any given category.


It’s really sad.


Agreed but if only the IAE Superfan was brought to life

The A340-600 just steers better

Does that mean if the 747-400 were to be reworked then the -200, -8, SOFIA, SCA and AF1 would all be removed?

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Basically a major loss.

Eventually some of those variants would be removed too, yes. We would not redo a shuttle carrier or SOFIA. The others would be TBD, though this vote is specifically for reworking the -400.


Now I can’t fly a shuttle carrier to Lukla :(

The A340-300 may be added as a complimentary aircraft to the -600.

That wasn’t the option but thanks for the feedback. 🙂

No,The updates may then also impact FPS

I have a question, sorry if this question is off topic but if the heavy poll goes to round 2, and after round 2, the winner is announced, would you rework or add the second place Aircraft like how you did with A330 and A220?

No, not necessarily. The 2nd place aircraft will not automatically be placed in our development pipeline. It’ll give us a nice picture of where demand lies, however future community polls will follow the same format using a particular aircraft category. Note that some aircraft will still be chosen internally for other business ventures, to fill voids in the lineup, or address legacy aircraft of our choosing. Cheers!


Thank you for the reply!

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