A340-600 glitch

If you have a A340-600 right under the right flaps (sometimes could be left there is a hole that turns black to white repeatedly and it’s a bit bothering… Is it just me?

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if you can provide a screenshot that would be great :)

It looks like nothing but when you fly it becomes huge and it changes randomly quick and I’m unable screenshot a big one…image


I don’t really see what you’re saying… and also. You said right flaps, but the screenshots you gave are on the left side. :3

Meant say left… Here do you have a A340-600? If so go look at the right side of your flaps do you see it?


Has anyone still figured out this issue yet? It’s a hole that is right behind the flap (either side sometimes) and sometimes is annoying while flying.

Yes, it’s a known issue.

Do you know if anybody will fix it? And by the way in planning to get the A330 commercial airliner). Does it have the same problem? @Laurens

The Airbus A330-300 doesn’t have that glitch.
Apart from the not moving Flaps lever, the A333 is almost the same as the A346, so I personally don’t recommend it.

I don’t think that issue will be fixed in near future. The Airbuses are pretty old flight models which received their last update in December (or November?) 2013, bringing a new cockpit and some liveries.
For now they are considered “finished” (even without correct physics), but they might be remodeled to get them at the same quality of, for example, the 777s.

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Great thanks for the help but real quick I couldent understand the part where you said the flap lever… Is the glitch on the flap lever for the A330? @Laurens

In both the A333 and A346 there are glitches next to the flaps and spoilers levers.
In the A346 they are both animated, but in the A333 the Flaps lever doesn’t move by applying the various flaps settings.