A340-600 Balancing Problem

If i’m going down with an A340-600 it’s nose goes so hard down even at a vertical speed of 1200 ft/m
Is there any possibility fixing it exept changing the weight? If i make maximum weight, it doesn’t increase it’s speed quickly enough for a go around…
I’m looking forward to hear from you!

When you land don’t have the spoilers armed. It cause the nose to drop suddenly.


Also the 346 is an old aircraft model so acts up a little bit generally


I rarely use the outside view but just the other day I flew the A340 into PHNL and noticed the nose pointed rather dramatically downward during descent. To the best of my knowledge this is caused by how the jet has been written to perform (apologies to you programmers out there for my likely horrifying word usage) and a re-work would mend that appearance. Regardless of the pitch appearance I have not noticed the A340 landing any harder than another similarly sized jet, so long as the landing is configured correctly.


On that aircraft, the only things I can think of are:

  • It’s an old aircraft. Some users don’t even have wheel wells.
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1200 fpm is actually quite average during descent, anything up to roughly 2200 fpm is acceptable IIRC. However, the nose issue might be due to the old flight model the A346 has, nothing new I’m afraid.

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Oooo I thought he was talking about landing…

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