A340-500 and 777-200LR

Airbus says the A340 is the longest range aircraft in the world. It has a 9001NM range. The Boeing 777-200LR has a range of 9392NM. Does Airbus not know the 777-200LR has a longer range becuase there is a picture of the A340 and it says Longest range aircraft in the world.image

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777-200LR is made in around 2006 when it got launched. A340-500 is from 2002 I think?


Yeah, the 777LR is Boeing’s ‘answer’ to the the A340. Surely the A340 uses more fuel though because of the extra engines?

Yes @HV9690 is correct, at the time of A345 launch, 77L didn’t exist so it had the longest range.

778 will take over 77L record if all gles as planned

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777 is answer to A340
77L is answer to A345

Sorry to be nitpicky but there’s a difference between a variant and the aircraft line :).

Yes, the reason why A340-500 is so elusive is because of the extra engines and more fuel

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Adding on to @Boeing707

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I thought it was the A380 that can travel farer than anyother passenger plane ever made

No, the A380 is the biggest commercial passenger jet in the world.

It operates the current longest route in the world/That may be what’s confusing you.

77L will soon operate longest route though

How many passengers will the 77L carry ???

Slightly more than 300. 300-320 IIRC.
Varies by airline though

Thanks you

It varies according to purpose. Air Canada has both a 2 and 3 class configuration with 270 and 300 seats respectively. If you imagine a budget airline (like Southwest in the US or Ryanair in the UK) were to use the 77L they would pack seats as many in as possible, whereas a more ‘luxurious’ airline like Emirates would make seats more comfortable and with more high-class seats.

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Not really, 3-4-3 on 777s is not exactly the last word in comfort. But EK does do really well in terms of other aspects of their product offering though.

@Danman yeah, perhaps with economy class, but they would put aside business class or whatever they call it which takes up more space as opposed to packing as many people in as possible :-P.

2-3-2 in J isn’t that great either.

I always thought that airlines use the 77L for flights no where near it’s optimum range, but the A345 holds the record for the longest commercial flight, and it has slightly less range the the boeing.

The market for long thin routes that the 777-200LR was designed for is very small. As a result, the plane is usually give smaller routes. However, the 777-200LR does fly a handful of long routes:

DXB-PTY (Will be the longest flight in the world)
DXB-MCO (This was recently upgraded to A380 though IIRC)

among others

LAX-HKG doesn’t use 77L

YYZ-HKG uses 77L