A339 AirCalin ( first message in the community)

Hello! This it’s my first Message in the community. Today I did from Sydney to Noumea with Airbus 339 of AirCalin.
At the gate and take off



Taxing to gate and landing

Guys hope you like these photos!


Hello @Its,
Welcome to the IFC.
Btw the photos look great


Love the photos! Personally, the 6th is my favourite! Welcome to the IFC!

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I think this is expert server. Because i am an expert.🤺

Welcome to the jungle🚵‍♂️

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Nice photos! Glad to have you in the community :)

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Yes nice photos. I like the number 2

Ye its expert

What’s funny is that almost every French territorial Airline has the A339 but France’s AirFrance doesn’t 😂😂😂


Amazing photos and welcome to the community

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Very Good! And also, Welcome to the community! :D

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Hehe. I love the a339, it’s beautiful, especially with AirCalin livery

Thanks @United403 ( it’s you? If yes I want to say that I like your events that you create in Infinite Flight!)

Love the photos man! Welcome to the IFC💚

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Thanks! I will upload later other photos.

look forward to them :)

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Hey what photos yo want? Lufthansa 747-4 from jfk to Frankfurt, or A321 American from KLAX to Honolulu?

both man, as many as possible :))

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Hey @Its Those photos look great!:) Welcome to the IFC!:D😊😉

Thanks! I will upload other photos later

Sure! No problem!:) Can’t wait to see them!:D

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