A333 turning right before every waypoints

Hi everyone!
The A333 is always turning right before every waypoints, like on the last 10 seconds before the waypoint he is turning right even if he have to turn left after. He is doing this every time, no matter the wind, altitude etc. Well it’s not a big problem and it change nothing at the flight but it’s just strange.
Someone have the same issue ?


It calculates the distance from your current position and your next waypoint and makes the decision based on that.

I would rather turn a bit early than a bit late. :)


Yes sure :) He is the only one to do it, any other planes are flying without doing this before. Anyway, it’s definitely not a problem!
Thanks for the answer!

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I’ve never seen an aircraft do this other then the TBM. Do you mean it turns like the TBM and do you have a video or some sort so we could see?

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