A333 seats

I don’t understand why the graphic design team can’t add seats through out the aircraft. It looks cheap that they can’t finish the rows of seats is it really that much more difficult that they can’t add the detail? It’s not like they were rushed either, they took their time pushing back the aircraft release date at least once. You would think once the design of the seats is made adding more of them wouldn’t be an issue. Detail is very important not only on the outside but on the inside of the plane as well. DO BETTER infinite flight a full plane of seats won’t kill your developers it might just make your customer a little happy. I don’t understand if they can accomplish so much on the outside of the aircraft is it really the hard to add some economy seats through the plane and some first class seats on the front. What about some of the planes livery on the inside since the logos are already on the outside I’m sure their is no legal issue. Perhaps they are just trying to save money and time by reducing the quality and detail of the product they release. This just seems lazy to me.

Note: this is not an attack on Infinite flight I love the game and strive to make it better. I don’t want to hear that I should be thankful and the developers are doing their best. Infinite flight isn’t doing me any favors for me playing their game. I pay for this product just like any other service and when I see something wrong with the quality product I have a right to speak up and voice my concern as a loyal paying customer.



The reason why the cabin isn’t full of seats is because the seats are high-polygon entities. This means that each seat has a lot of parts or nodes to render in, and that highly effects device performance. If the A330 cabin were fully filled with seats, your device may overheat, and you would almost certainly experience a severe drop in frame rate (maybe 2-3 fps) which is not ideal as that can slow down the rate your sim is actually running, which would also be very bad for the live server. While you may see your autopilot at 250 kts, you would be at maybe 190 or so from the view of other aircraft.

As for airline logos on the seats, I cannot answer that with certainty, though I’m sure it has to do with the same reason as to why it isn’t filled with seats.


uuuh i am not oppsing you in why cant they but i just want to know if the devs can make it into like 8 polygons each. Again, just a suggestion

then the seats would look rubbish


gud point lol


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