A333 range

I’ve noticed with the update the range of the A330 has been increased to 18.5 hours instead of 12.5 hours before the update.
I was testing the range last night and calculated a few routes from fpltoif, but found anything over about 13-14 hours is telling me the flight time is to long for the aircraft.
So what is the flight time that the a330 can actually achieve?

18 hours is a bit much but the A330 can do a 14 hour flight in real life

That is accurate, but you never see that, I believe the IF time is assuming an empty aircraft, at optomal cruising conditions. More or less an empty A330 could cruse for 18 hours, but if you factor in pax/cargo, increased fuel during takeoff/climb, emergency fuel, etc, and it’s effective flight time is more like 14 hours…

the fuel calculator in the sim is not accurate don’t depend on it,.

It is accurate, or else why would it be there🤷‍♂️. It mainly depends on your aircraft load though. In IF you can easily fly about 17:30 hours with the A330.


its not really accurate, for more realistic experience i have seen people using other sites for fuel planning,.

It’s not a question of accurate/inaccurate.

It’s an aprox. fuel burn based off a “normal” cruise. But that number varies greatly based off of weight, altitude, and speed. So, for a specific moment in time - it can be wildly inaccurate if you’re very heavy, and low, and also if you’re very light and high. So it may only be close to accurate during the middle of your flight if you happen to be set up similarly to the base case used for the calculation.

However, if you average the total fuel burn of a flight assuming typical pax/cargo/fuel - it’s a decent gauge.

Long story short - I let simbrief.com do all that work for me. Unless it’s a short flight or one I’m not taking too serious… then I’ll rely on pilotage and guesstimating with the IF W/B fuel burn estimate.


😂😂 17:30hr with an A330🤔. Good try, do WSSS-KSFO with a SQ A330😂 and end up with a crash

It’s accurate based on the inputs into the equation. But the output is only as good as the input, and that’s missing a lot of things (load being one of them, which renders it virtually irrelevant).

It’s just meant as a very rough estimate. It’s good as far as that goes, but you certainly wouldn’t want to hop on a RW plane using the model for calculation.

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