A333 and A339 Physics Question

The new A333 and A339 are amazing, but after flying them both, I have a question. Aside from the obvious cosmetics, are there any differences in the physics of these aircraft? My initial feeling was that there could be, but then I started to question it. My hope is that the IFC can shed some light on this.


It seams It has a little more thrust on takeoff but not much more than the A330-300

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Probably because of the neo engine. aka(New Engine Option)

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Both aircraft have the same type rating because they’re flight characteristics are so similar so it makes sense that they feel very similar. As mentioned before I think there is some additional thrust in the A339 which I’ve felt (as is true irl), but other than that it’s very similar.

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There is, hope this helps, click on the link and scroll one comment above by Laura :)


That’s exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks for the help.

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