A330neo to have the raccoon eye cockpit windows


Ugh. Raccoon eyes made it look uglier…

Much preferred the original look.


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Damn son! That looks spot on!

@Boeing707: Uglier?

It looks nice

A350 Windows on A330? NO WAY HOZAY

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It does look good…

Haha looks good to me…

I’m not sure what to make of it really, for me it will really depend on the livery
(IMO it would look great with the Air Asia X livery but not so good on the Hawaiian livery)



Looks very good, but they removed the awesome winglet!

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I don’t know… It looks kinda… I don’t know how to say, but it looks wrong.

I agree. To me it loses its ‘classic A330 charm’, which I love. The front makes it look more like a 767 I think and what even is that winglet?

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Agreed. The raccoon eyes nearly ruined the A350’s nose and it’s ruining the already ugly A330neo. A330-300 with RR is far nicer.

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I’m sorry but the already ugly A330neo? What you on about?



I always thought it was gorgeous!

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Well that’s your opinion

Those black windows almost ruin the clean look that most all-white liveries (try to) aim for. The windows certainly look better on the A330neo than on the A350. That doesn’t mean it looks better than the original A330 windows or even ‘good’ in general. Let’s just hope they don’t start popping up on other Airbus models.

Heartily agree with you. Would destroy the amazing A320neo and the sort-of amazing A380

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