A330neo short haul flights, 2-4 hr [CLOSE TOPIC PLEASE]

I realize there will likely be a topic for this just as there is for the a330-300, but for now it does not exist. Anyone have a list of 2-4 hr routes flown by the a339? I really want to try it out tonight but dont have too much time and dont want to sacrifice realism.

ALSO: what’s the typical cruise speed (mach) and how does fuel burn compare to a330-300? simbrief doesnt have any data on the neo yet

Around 2-3 hours with the Aircalin Livery.

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You can fly FIMP to FMEE in air Mauritius a339 which is a real route with the a339. It is around 30 min so if you want a short one this is perfect.

This would be a great place to check out routes of any length for the A330neo. Air Asia, Lion Air, and Garuda Indonesia flights would be great to check out as these airlines operate a lot of regional flights with the type.


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