A330neo First Flight, Production, etc.

With the final assembly of the first A330neo starting any day now, what do you think we can expect from Airbus, and why?

I guess this could be a RWA tracking thread?


That livery though :0 It’s beautiful!

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Looks beautiful!

Lovely airplane.

But what can we expect?

I heard that some airlines like TAP Portugal will have the Airspace by Airbus cabin.

Woah, that’s beautiful.

A330 neo being delivered in Toulouse!

Expect the best from Airbus because this A330NEO is gonna be my favourite plane of all time 😉

Yeah I saw that on Airbus’s instagram, you can’t imaging how happy I was when I saw it.

I honestly don’t like the A330 NEO. I think the A350 is better. Also, the 77X will probably outdue the A330NEO, but that’s to befound out!

At first I didn’t like the 330neo when it was announced. But I think the a330 body style,gear tilt, curved wings, and new sharklets… 😍😍


#Airbus has started final assembly of the first A330neo

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Lack of orders for the aircraft, airlines go for other aircraft instead 🙁🙁🙁

#The first A330neo has completed final assembly, just days to go until first flight.

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First A330neo is painted!
Airbus on Instagram: "The #A330neo got its dress on time for the end of year festivities! Click ❤️ if you like this new livery! ✈️🖌 #avgeek #aviationgeek #airbus #a330 #airbuslovers #aviation #plane #instaplane #aerospace #newplane"


Can’t wait to see the winds with the a330 gear tilt

I don’t like the shape…

Along with the a330neo, I hope we see the new Beluga XL as well.

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