A330neo Cabin Texture Issue

While flying the A330neo I noticed in between the cabin and the aft galley there is a texture issue with them not being rendered correctly, it appears it’s only when the rendering quality and resolution are both set to low. I’ve attached some screenshots depicting the issue.

Device and Infinite Flight Info

Device: iPad 8
iOS: 14.8
Infinite Flight Version: 21.5 (1081)

Graphic settings

Rendering Quality: Low
3D Object Density: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Frame Rate: 30fps


This is a rendering issue, I recive the same thing when I switch my rendering ghraphics on low and some stuff goes pink.

Interesting, are you able to repro this issue in particular?

Yep, I have to run my rendering on low and in the 777 family the suspension piece in the main gear is either disapeered or pink.

Yeah, I can see something similar as well, although it’s white and not pink.

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Yeah, I noticed that happens on the A330-300


Me too, I just realized. Same like B77W on the landing gear and A350 on wingtip


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