A330F Bump Near the Nose Gear - What's it For?


I noticed how on the A330F and not the normal A330, there is a little bump on the fuselage where the nose gear is. Does anyone know why this is?

I put it in RWA even though it’s also in IF.

I always thought it was there for radar purposes…


I believe it’s to store the nose gear in, so there is more space for cargo.

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Ah, thank you!

Google is your friend! :)

credits to www.flightglobal.com via Wikipedia.


How come other freighters such as the 767f and 777f doesn’t have it?

From my research, I believe it’s because most of the A330Fs are converted from the passenger variant to the freighter variant. In order to have a leveled loading area, that extra “bump” is added to give it that balance unlike the passenger A330 that doesn’t have a leveled loading area.

Superior engineering.


The A330 had a sloped main deck on the ground, which is perfectly fine for passenger operations, but when Airbus decided to do an “F” variant, they needed to engineer the plane to have a level deck when on the ground. The 777 and 767 were designed with an unsloped deck when on the ground, enabling an “F” variant without modding the gear.


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