A330 wing flexing bug

Hello, I am experiencing a bug in replay mode when I am taking of or landing with the A330. Everything seems to be ok but then about a minute in the wing starts flexing up and down dramatically. I was wondering if there is something I should do for this. Thank you for your time

I’d be great if you could provide a picture or the replay of the flight. Thanks!

I highly doubt this is a bug.

You’re probably more or less getting turbulance and some crosswind.

That’s what wingflex does! :D

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What are the winds like?

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I had no winds and they were jumping up and down very fast like ridiculously fast

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this was in solo mode

What airport were you flying into/out of?

I was flying out of KMSP


Conditions at KMSP are:
Wind are 320@19 with a gust of around 26kts.

That wouldn’t necessarily cause violent wing-flex like you described.

On solo, did you turn up the wind conditions in the “Weather” catagory?

I said was flying on solo mode, I had all wind conditions on zero so there was not any wind

Can’t really assist you without a video to see what you are really seeing. The information you provided is pretty limited.

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How do I go about getting a video? I’m not used to support topics

I guess Apple’s regular screen recording could do the job. Or you could try the new way from IFLLC.

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You could use the nice and handy live replay feature! :D

Just export your replay file into a video file, and send it here!

Use this thread if you need assistance in exporting your live replay.

Ok I will try that

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