A330 Voyager "Vespina" - United Kingdom Livery

Meet the UKs answer to Air Force One - the A330 MRTT (A330-200)
This is hands down the most stunning government livery I have ever seen, yes I am biased but it’s just gorgeous - isnt it?

Used day to day by the Royal Air Force as a Multi-Role Tanker Transport, ZZ336 will operate as part of the RAFs fleet during routine operations. However if officials need transport to a summit, meeting or official visit? She rolls out the red carpet and performs long range VIP services.

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I love the look of this! Such a beautiful livery

I am very temped to remove my vote of Royal Air Force Airbus A330 MRTT (VIP Voyager) and use it on this! Top request 👏😍

This is the newest livery for it, it’s in transit to Brize Norton as we type!

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Voted. I hope to see this included in the addition of the a332 one day!

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Absolutely stunning livery! You have my vote 🔥🙂

Amazing can’t wait to see if it gets added

Voted buddy @Mags885 😉 and yes it is quite stunning!

Oh my that’s quite spectacular.

You can tell I’m British.

Oh my…

I don’t know if it’s the Union of these colors but Jack never looked so good


Out of votes but this gorgeous beauty needs a place in IF.

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Would be nice if it had a real working refueling feature like the KC 10 it can refuel British European and American aircraft including B1 bomber’s eurofighter typhoon an F-35s

Not sure where you are getting your data from, but Voyager only has probe and drogue so boom only aircraft cannot refuel from them such as the B-1 Lancer. In fact, USAF aircraft are all boom as are their tankers - almost like they planned it that way!

Thanks for the support, if you havent already make sure to vote!

Sorry I know voyager only has the probe and drobe system I was saying other A330 MRTT’s
Have both and actually the US Navy aircraft can go with probe and drobe system

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Maybe we can get both RAF voyager and other A330 MRTT’s Such as Singapore Air Force Australian Air Force and others That di have The boom system as well as the probe system

The F 35C and B have the probe and drobe system But the F 35A uses the boom system


This would be such a good idea! Maybe it would also be a signal for an updated fuel system, because the one currently isn’t the best and you don’t need to be even that close for it to work hence why I think it needs an update soonish. If they were to make this it would be nice to see the RAF grey livery as well because in my opinion looks amazing on the A330. There is an Aircraft in the game that could utilise the new fuel basket, the only one I can think of is the C-130J but there may be others. Great suggestion that’s earned a vote!

@Dominic_C-H One that you meant in your bio I guess :)


This is a must have livery for the new A330 update!

rebump this is needed