A330 to Honolulu, Hawaii

Hey IFC! Today I decided to fly from Southern California to the Island of Oahu. So I flew an aircraft I don’t usually fly: the A330. I used Delta since that is one of the aircraft used on this route in real life during non COVID times. I am also taking this time to announce my official endorsement for the A330-300 rework because why leave an aircraft half reworked?
Disclaimer: This was not the aircraft I wanted for the next reworked plane, but I think quite a few of us will have to pick which we think is better, and for me, it’s best to fix the planes we currently have before adding certain other ones.
So with that aside, here are the pictures I got:

Server: Expert
Route: Los Angeles - Honolulu (KLAX-PHNL)
Airline/Aircraft: Delta Air Lines A330-300
Flight Time: 5 hr 53 mn

At the gate preparing for this morning’s flight

Lifting off RWY 24L with a few other aircraft in the background

Cruising over Santa Barbara before reaching nothing but the blue Pacific Ocean

Picture perfect Oahu Island


Taxiing to parking

Parked at the gate and Deercrusher spawns in getting ready for a flight with the 757

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As always, thanks for stopping by!


Great photos!! Love flying around Hawaii 😀

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Thanks! Yeah Hawaii is very cool. And it’s good that it gets featured on the IFATC schedule often

Yeah! When Hawaii is featured they always gets heaps of traffic.

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Picture perfect Oahu

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Plagiarism 💯
Lol jk

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@ButterBoi will be proud


Lol 😂

On a side note, who actually says gReAsEd?!

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I am proud. And great photos Jacob!

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wait, that’s illegal

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Lol thanks 😂

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I am allowed to land well every 10,000 landings ok?

No you aren’t

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