A330 Tilting on Landing?

Every time I try and land the A333, the nose always tips down on descent. I tried playing with the weight and balance but nothing different happens.

I don’t experience this with any other aircraft such as the 789 or the 773ER. Any help?

The A330-300 doesn’t have the best physics in infinite flight. It was made a long time ago.


When devs remake the A330 I think it will be a more realistic physics


Of course it will. :)


Try to reduce speed when on final. A333’s comfortable landing speed in IF is around 125 or even 120kts. That’s slower then in real life but always works when I land the A333 in IF, even below MLW.
Another way - set your weight to 80-85% and land at 135-140 knots as usually.

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Its an old model. I have the same problem with the a330-200f but I perfectly land it at around 115 kts

The airbus A330 tilts before an flare like in the real world thats how they come in to land at 140kts tilting and then at 20ft they flare
here’s an great video to support it

take a look at the angle of attack outside and the horizon and on the MFD

yeah i’m a Airbus fan


I think @rohg g meant the pitch down problem in IF

Make the weight of full and land with 142-145 knots

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Personnel 70% Oil 25% Cargo 85% trim + 15 ~ 20 I landed at 123 ~ 127kts

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