A330 Struggling For Power

Hey everyone,

I just took off from KIAD bound for EGLL in the new A330 for the very first time. I left my device at cruise and at .82 at FL370, and by the time I returned my aircraft had crashed and has issued me system violations. I also have noticed the aircraft has been struggling to maintain cruise speeds at cruise altitudes. I was following real life proceedures, so I am really not sure why his aircraft has ended up crashing.

Any help or kinda answers would be welcomed!


Did you use the very famous and effective step climb?


It can vary on the VS, cause the A330 is known to struggle ascending at high VS, did you adjust the VS at all?

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Yes a step climb was used

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Yes VS was adjusted.

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What was your VS?

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What I think happened is the plane was turning for a waypoint and banked hard and fell out the sky because it started when the plane was turning… That’s from my side anyway… Could be a similar problem the A350 had sometimes

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It can also depend on the weight of the aircraft

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In real life planes are lighter nowadays with lesser pax. So they go higher. Maybe you were too heavy


I would assume you was too heavy, that nearly happened to me the other day, I went to FL380 on an overnight and i realised i was going M0.54, I descended to FL350 and it was fine.

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Also if I cruise at FL370 I would usually fly between M0.84 and M0.86

Also in the A330 I wouldn’t cruise at FL370 until my throttle power at maybe FL350 is between 80 to 87% just to be safe

The A330 does struggle at high altitudes, that’s why when I do long hauls I usually cruise at FL320 - FL360

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Thats the thing the fuel we used was the bare minimum used across the atlantic. We also followed real life aircraft using the same alititudes as us with the same VS’s used. So extemely confused to why this happened.

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That isnt applicable to all aircraft and in our case wouldnt have worked.

We were at M.82 with less fuel than the amount I used for New York so we deffo were light

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Could it be winds?
There was once I was flying well in the A350 at 42,000ft but the winds made my plane almost stall so I had to descend

No definitely wasnt winds

Can’t think of anything else sorry :(

@DanG387 could you please send over your replay so I can better provide a response as to why this may have occurred?

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Let me test some things. The thing’s very underpowered