A330 Strobe & Beacon Lights Issue

Would any of the devs be able to confirm or deny if the A330 strobe lights we saw on the livestream will be the ones that ship with the future update. This has been brought up before on the A330 rework thread but was not answered. The strobe pattern on the livestream was wrong and should be more or less match the A350’s strobe and beacon pattern. Thanks in advance. 🙂


I think this should go in the #features category but i agree with u!


Hopefully it will be adjusted prior to release. It should be like this:

(Skip to 1:05)

The beacon flash for the A350 in IF is a little longer than it should be so it’s probably better if they used the video as a reference instead.


love it!!!

Yep wasn’t sure which category to put it in. Defo would be gutted if the lights aren’t in the right pattern. The sound I can handle, but the lights pattern should be an easy fix 🤷🏽‍♂️

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You can see at the 0:26 mark of the premiere that the pattern on the Air Canada livery is the same as in IRL. The rest of the video has a bunch of editing, that Air Canada shot is the only one where you can clearly see the pattern.


I’ve noticed that too, hopefully they will be adjusted when the A333 will be retouched.

Actually the flash on the A350 is pretty much spot on, each individual flash is longer than the ones on older Airbus aircraft because of the newer LEDs that power the lights.


No, the stobe pattern on the Air Canada is wrong. The current default strobe pattern in IF is the strobes flashing twice every cycle, in sync with the beacons, but with the double the frequency of the beacons. Let’s hope it will be fixed on release.

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Actually I’ve just gotten the A330 up and running and the strobes and beacon pattern are wrong. They shouldn’t ever be on the same time. It should be similar to what we see on the A350 we already have.


Oh I misunderstood the issue.


Yeah I’m pretty disappointed in the strobes and beacon on the reworked version. I could be wrong but other than the addition of the rear strobe it looks like they just reused the strobes and beacon from the previous-older version. Oh well 🤷🏼‍♂️


Exactly what I’m disappointed about. And it’s not even a major fix that needs to be made or anything. Just a small coding fix and you’ve got accurate lights. Hopefully the devs will notice this and address the issue.


The devs know about this, let’s hope a patch will be released soon together with the livery corrections

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I hope they know about the issues. Sometimes I feel that sometimes community feedback goes unheard by them.

Thanks for the report, it will be addressed, most likely in an upcoming hotfix.


i don’t think we need to vote to fix a bug. A bug must be reported and fixed when the Devs can, not when the community votes.


Roger thx I now know that’s how it is in Infinte flight!!!

Thank you so much Laura. Very much appreciate your help.

That’s what l thought. Just a small hot fix won’t require this to go into the features category. Nonetheless, very happy that this fix will be made.