A330 Stalling

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I was doing a long haul from LEMD-MPTO last night and the A330 ended up stalling out of the sky, which subsequently made me receive 4 system violations for overspeeding. After reviewing the replay footage I did indeed stall but I don’t see a reason why as I believe my aircraft weight was ok and the rate at which my aircraft was ascending during the step climb was ok and not too high. I believe there has been some type of glitch or something along those lines.

Below I will provide images of the flight during the step climbs and the reduce in speed as well as a link to the replay file.

Replay File

The aircraft started to lose speed around 7:10 however the vs was 500 which I don’t find to be too steep.

Once the aircraft started to step climb to FL400 at 8:12 it was climbing around 400fpm which I still don‘t think is too steep for an a330 to step climb at.


The A330 is kinda underpowered from my experience, even if very light it struggles to climb above FL380. If I were you, I would just stay at a lower cruise altitude (FL350 max) and you should be fine.


I’ve had this problem too and what I would suggest is to stay with the aircraft until you reach your intended cruising altitude and then recalibrating IF and then checking on your flight to make sure nothing unusual is happening

The A332F is different; better handling, doesn’t stall as easily as the A333. Thing flies through FL380 easily even with 20t (metric) payload.

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I agree. I feel that the A330’s thrust is too weak. Yesterday I was taking off from EDDF and I couldn’t even gain speed at a VS of 2500 at 90% thrust!


Had this happen to me to just to take off I need between 90-100 and I once stalled from LSZH-KMIA and had to climb with a VS of 700

@8SmartFlying - I haven’t flown the A330 long haul for a very long time, if at all if I’m honest with you. But with the fairly recent rework I would’ve expected it to have been fine with step climbing during the night. The issue is I now am Grade 2 because of this issue which I find unfair.

@NathanD - This happened during the early morning hours for me as I flew this route as an overnight. I confidently leave flights all night and the majority of the time they always work out perfectly fine, so I don’t see why I should stay up all night watching a flight.

Yeah, it’s just too weak. I hope in the next A330 rework they can make it as powerful as the B757 spaceshuttle

joking :D


My usual climb rate with this aircraft is either 2100 or 2200 but I yet watch my entire climb to see my throttle and to see if I don’t stall

I did stop up until cruise and left it when I believed it was stable and I also checked there was also sufficient room for a step climb with this aircraft.

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Yeah climbing is a mess with this Aircraft but once it gets up to cruise the throttle release back and is all good (to like 80%-90%) and once you loose some weight step climbing is good to do.


The A330 is an underpowered airframed in real life. It has to do what we call “step climb” meaning it cant go to it’s original filed altitude initially. Instead, the airplane has to level off at a lower altitude, burn fuel until light enough to climb to the next subsequent altitude until reaching final altitude. This process can be a 6 hour deal sometimes depending on weight.

It is also hard to decipher your speed as it is not clear whether you are flying in knots (kts) or miles per hour (mph). No Aircraft that is a commercial airliner has the ability to fly at 400+ kts indicated thus I’m going to assume you are in miles per hour. The advice listed below is referenced in kts so the conversion you’ll have to do.

After passing 10,000 feet in the A330:
Climb spd: 320kts
vertical spd: 2000 fpm until 30,000
gear: Up
flaps: 0

After Passing 30,000 feet:
Climb Spd: M.82
Vertical spd: 1500 fpm
gear: up
flaps: 0

Try initial level off at 34,000 feet… even a heavy A350 doesn’t go to 40,000 after take off.


I know. If you checked the replay I did step climb. I initially went to FL320, then FL340, FL360, FL380 then FL400. I got to FL400 just past the Carribean with about 2 hours left of the flight.

I believe the issue caused wasn’t my fault as I gave sufficient room for the plane to step climb during the flight.

I couldn’t open your replay on my device but what was the time frame over which you did this step climb?

Also, I just flew the A330-300 in response to your question. I loaded the plane with 287 passengers, 14 hours of fuel, and 4000 lbs of cargo and using the figures I gave you above made it to FL400. I was just able to watch your replay and figured out your issue, Pilot Error!

In your Replay you are flying in Ground Speed (GS) as your indicated airspeed. Ground speed and Airspeed (kts) are not lateral in nature. The are vastly different and based on your altitude you were severely underspeed which led ultimately to your stall. I suggest looking at the tutorials and also adjusting your settings to indicate knots (kts) versus groundspeed.

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Replays usually indicate in GS at least from what I’ve seen. I was asleep while this happened too so I couldn’t have done anything about it until I woke up.

You were asleep but managed to step climb to 40,000 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Using IF Assistant

I watched your replay, and just from the sound of the engines it sounds like step climbing to FL400 was a bad idea. It sounded like your engines were straining even after you leveled off. What happened then was the aircraft was slowly losing airspeed during level flight because the engines could not generate enough thrust, and you kept losing airspeed until you eventually stalled.

In the future I would recommend staying with your device at least until you have levelled off at your defined cruising altitude, and just check everything to make sure it’s ok. Make sure you’re maintaining airspeed and altitude as you would expect, and make sure your engines aren’t running too hard, bearing in mind maximum continuous thrust is often below 100% N1. Jet engines burn less fuel at higher altitudes, however they also produce less power. It’s important to find that balance.

I don’t believe this was a glitch, and I’ve made the same mistake before. Know your aircraft, the A330 is relatively underpowered, in fact the CFM engine variant is developed from the CFM56 which powers the 737, to give you an idea.

So you want me to stay up all night checking an aircraft?

No, just monitor it until it reaches cruise. As long as once you’re established in level flight all of your parameters are ok, you shouldn’t need to worry. In this situation it sounds like your engines were running too hard and you lost airspeed over time.