A330 stalling after takeoff

Was taking off out of Minneapolis with a 75% load. everything was correct but as soon as i took off my plane went from 156kts to 123kts. i got my speed back but when i tried ascending it pulled me straight down. i flew with the A330neo last night and had no issue. so i’m not sure if it’s something with the A333.

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What s the aircraft config for takeoff

I’ve been flying the a330 series a lot recently, so I’ll just say this from my experience, hoping it’ll help.

I’m not sure what flap setting you were using, but at that weight I’d recommend probably flaps 2 for takeoff. 150 is the speed for rotate at your weight from the unofficial profile by @DeerCrusher so it seems like you’re good there.

I notice a330 series is sluggish so it’ll accelerate slowly and maybe even decrease speed a little at 15° pitch up. As you go to 10° tho it should start to pick up slowly and you can stow your flaps, I recommend 170k to retract to 1+f, then 180k move to flaps 1 and then flaps full up by 200k. That’s what I’ve found works best in my methods.

You might need to also pitch less than 10° if you aren’t picking up speed, it’s important you gain and move towards 250k even with a slow climb rate, which a330 has anyway.

Hope it helps? Idk if it does but mayhe you can try the method I said and see how it works for you


I’ve had this happen to me once before. To avoid this, you can start at a smaller VS after rotation, and once you gain some speed, you can increase your VS.


Also to add, are you using 92% throttle for takeoff? That’s what the guide says and the guide works well for me tho I never used it at that high of a weight before. For your climb thrust I’d probably go down to 87% ish, it’s quite high but you’ll need it to keep your speed. If it doesn’t work you can increase thrust but probably don’t exceed 90% throttle. Just my opinion

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Okay, maybe I’ll try it for this flight. Thank you.

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Try it out and see how it goes. Tbh I love the a330 even tho it’s underpowered, you just have to accept it won’t climb as fast nor will it be as easy to speed up as the other planes. But following the QRG and the profiles should help. Check out the profiles and QRG if you just search up “a330 guide” on the forum and it’s the one by Deercrusher

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I’ll just add that I had at least one verified case where my surface headwind rather quickly changed direction to a tailwind by a relatively low AGL. The change in direction was faster than my autothrottle’s ability to stop loss of airspeed.

I didn’t stall because I was able to lower my nose to compensate in that particular case.

I don’t know what your wind conditions were, but it’s a possibility that would eat away at any safety margin.

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Hello 👋🏼
I suggest you :

Airbus A330 Family

Load % Takeoff Power Setting Takeoff Flaps Trim Rotate
25% 85% = 89% N1 Flaps 1+F 15% 125kts
50% 88% = 91% N1 Flaps 2 15% 145kts
75% 92% = 94% N1 Flaps 2 20% 150kts
>75%*** 96% = 97% N1 Flaps 2 20% 151kts

Be sure to have a low V/S (1000-2500) and climbing maximum FL330 until your initial climb


Something I noticed was that the A330 needs a lot of trim, which was the main cause of my autopilot being weird before. Not sure if this will help but it helped me

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The A330 flies like a rock, you just have climb slowly and you should be okay.

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Good news, worked perfect. Flew from Minneapolis to Paris. Thanks again. 👍

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