A330 Stall

I was just about to takeoff from Sydney to London Heathrow with the a330, but suddenly while I was on upwind my aircraft started to lose speed until it stalled, is there any way to avoid this?

  1. Take off into the wind
  2. Use proper flaps
  3. Proper rotation speed
  4. Below MTOW
  5. Proper pitch

Also can the a330 even make it that far?


I don’t know much about this specific instance, but be sure to lower your pitch and increase throttle until the stall resolves itself. The A330 is something of an underpowered aircraft so be especially careful. (also refer to the reply above)

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Yeah it’s only 19hours. And base on what you said I think I pretty did it correctly.

Yeah, no. The flight is at best 3000 nm longer than the a330’s limit. You were most likely overweight during takeoff. Also the time next to the fuel slide is not always correct. I would recommend using SimBrief or Flightplantoif to get correct fuel amounts.


You may try this to get a proper mtow in a given rwy and weather :

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How was the aircraft altitude? actually it happened to me while trying this aircraft type from MCT to LAX with maximum weight(MTOW). It started to lose speed at 34K feet, then I was able to control the aircraft and lower the altitude to 30K feet instead and was ok till the aircraft weight reduced, then I started to gain more altitude till 40K feet gradually upto LAX airport. The airctaft was able to make it with no stop.

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What was your AOA and aircraft configuration when you began to loose speed?

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Just some advice from a (kinda) frequent A330 pilot in IF:

The engines are quite weak so I recommend taking off at around 180kts and don’t climb too fast(I recommend between 2500-3900fpm but do adjust)

Trim nose-up +4*, flaps 15*, rotate when you feel the aircraft getting light and counter act the ground effect on the runway and you should takeoff with slight movement along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft

The answer: no.

It can in IF but without pax otherwise it will be overloaded, but not IRL.

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