A330 Stall issue

You were climbing through 28,000 at around 2700 VS
Your speed was slowly decreasing.
At 31,000 you were going about 212 ground speed and started to stall.

Bottom line you were climbing too fast too high up.

To assist with what Chris_S has discovered you cannot have a ‘fixed’ V/S at high altitude.

Even in the simulation the engines will not be able to give you the thrust required to maintain such a high rate of climb. Therefore your speed will bleed off and you will, eventually, stall.

Speed is everything in flying. Vary the V/S as you climb to maintain a fixed climb speed of say 250kts below 10000’ and 280kts above.

If the speed starts to drop then reduce the V/S, if the speed starts to climb then increase the V/S.

Fix a parameter and adjust the other.

Hope that helps.

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See this topic, on IF you will struggle to maintain such high alts or even reach them in the A330.

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