A330 Stall issue

I was trying to fly between London Heathrow (EGLL) and Atlanta (KATL) in the Delta A330 and wasn’t able to complete the flight due to an issue with the aircraft. It seemed to lose airspeed while trying to climb even at relatively slow rates. This led to the aircraft stalling on 2 occasions during the limited time that I managed to fly. I have a 2017 9.7 inch iPad which runs IF on the highest settings without issue and I haven’t had an issue with the A330 before. Has anyone else had this problem or something similar happen to them?

If you happened to climb too fast, with too much fuel at a high altitude, the weight probably caused you to stall. I recommend trying to step climb next time.

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This can be useful. Also adding on to what @Niccckk said, don’t climb at a high VS. I’d recommend 1500-2000 VS. Works for me all the time. But check out the link I provided.
Have a great day and flight!✈️

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As @AviationJack posted, use Step Climbing. You were too heavy to climb to that height, which is why you stalled.

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We didn’t say the same thing though…

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It happened twice during the flight. 1st time I was climbing through roughly 30,000 feet at roughly 2600 - 2800 feet per minute. 2nd time climbing through roughly 39,000 feet at approximately 100 - 200 feet per minute. I had fuelled the aircraft with enough fuel to get me to Atlanta so I was over the max landing weight for Heathrow.

InfiniteNick said to not climb at too high a V/S and to use Step-Climbing and then you said almost the exact same thing but with different wording.

PM me if you want to discuss further

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That’s WAY too steep for that altitude - you should be at 1000-1500fpm MAX at that altitude.

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The high climb rate would explain the 1st time but the second time I was only climbing at 200fpm. This shouldn’t have caused an issue should it?

I would normally be climbing much more slowly at 1000 - 1500 fpm as you said. Wasn’t watching the sim closely enough.

What was your load factor in %? IRL they climb to 37000/38000ft first and then 40000ft - don’t go straight to 40000ft.

Well, climbing that steep to 30,000 probably would’ve caused the first potential stall. When did you climb to FL390 in your flight?

You should always be paying strong attention during climb phase. Tip for later on

Share your replay of the flight and it may help. Moving this out of support since it is not an app issue.


I climbed to 36000ft stayed there for over an hour before slowly climbing towards 40,000

Adding onto @Chris_S, you can share your flight replay via this link.

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I have uploaded the replay.


On a long flight with a full fuel load in a heavy twin I would be looking at an initial flight level of approx 320-340 due to the weight of the aircraft.

Every hour or so, as the fuel burns and the weight decreases, I would climb 1000ft. (Quadrantal rules do not apply in RVSM airspace in OTS)

I would only be looking at being FL390-400 probably an hour or two before descent.

Climbing too quickly whilst heavy will put you into what we call ‘coffin corner’ where the low energy/stall indicator (yellow hockey stick) from the bottom of the speed tape meets the overspeed indicator (red barbers pole) from the top of the speed tape!



Thank you very much for your help with this. I will cruise at a lower altitude in future and will look into how to step climb properly.

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