a330 Speed issue and crash

if you didn’t set the speed i doubt they will get reversed.

But the speed was set. It just continuously sped up. If it’s an issue with it connecting to IF Assistant then that feature should not be allowed with this aircraft.

We cannot reverse violations caused by third-party tools. Sorry. They will roll off soon and your grade will be back to where it was.

The best advice is to never leave your device unattended during critical phases of flight. Wait until you reach cruising altitude before walking away. This ensures that an add-on worked or that your AP was set properly and engages.

Want to point point that Mach 0.80 is slightly to slow for the A330, which cruises somewhat faster at .82

Additionally, you’ll be back on Expert in a week, when these violations fall off from your grade table.

If IF Assistant is the culprit behind the issue then I suggest not use/connect it to IF, when flying the A330.

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