A330 Serious issue

While flying from Taiwan to Hong Kong in an a330, I set the autopilot to M.80. I let it climb by itself at v/s 800. It reached FL350 and then stalled. I watched the replay and was surprised when it stalled at m.34. Is this a known issue for a330 autopilot? Also got violations so I’m grade one for a week

Are you sure you had the autopilot set? How heavy were you?

Please share your replay via sharemyinfiniteflight.com.

Well below maximum, I think around 66% and yes I am sure I had it set :)

What about pax, cargo?

It shouldnt happen, The A330 is one of the old aircrafts tho

It was recently soft reworked.

The 380 and 747 need the rework they go M.02 slower than the speed set on Autopilot

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The replay is only going to show your ground speed. It sounds like your rate of climb was too much once you were over 30000 feet and you stalled. Depending on your configuration and weight, you may need to burn off some fuel before going right to 35000. Sometimes you need to go to 28000 to 30000 and shed some of that weight before reaching final cruise. 800 fpm doesn’t seem to excessive but it could be at 35000 with a lot of fuel, cargo and passengers on board and too slow of a Mach.

I usually cruise at Mach .81 to .83 in the A330 and I trim the aircraft to make the magenta line go away where my trim tab is.


I don’t know, I was kinda in a rush to get off the ground

Thanks very much:)

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Never rush a flight, it only ends badly.
If you go into simbrief and create a aircraft profile for the IF A330 (242T, RR T772) the climb profile it gives you is pretty accurate.

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Probably a good idea, but dinner calls, you know yourself

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