A330 - RR Trent 700 Engine Blades issue

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2021)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.1.1

Hello, I have found an issue with the A330’s RR Trent 700’s engine type… most of the engine blades seem to overlap the engine spirals or cut through… idk how to explain it. Here are a few pics:

Thanks, Hadi

I’ve seen this issue since the release of reworked A330 released. Maybe it’s suffering the same issue with B777 blades. Jason spoke to this problem was going to be fixed by Kevin. Not sure why it is taking them over 2 years to fix and it hasn’t done yet. It’s just my curious, anyone knows why just tell me below.

B777s engine’s blade problem


Sorry didn’t see this post. Thanks 👍


I’ve had the a similar issue with Qatar’s 777-300.

Colour seems to be inside the engine???

Hopefully this will get fixed👍🏽

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The developers are aware of this issue too.

Graphics development is not as easy as it may intuitively seem. Moreover, the process of integrating new graphics rendering code is gradual; they don’t simply rip out the old codebase and integrate a new one with the snap of a finger. It also sometimes requires reworks in different, seemingly unrelated, parts of the simulator as well, like we saw with the recent 23.3 update.


Is this issue related to the semi-levered gear system on 777-300ER too? It isn’t connected to the main gear

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That’s an unrelated known issue.
I made sure the devs will see the report that was created earlier.


Developers also talking about new graphics engine lately (also can be heard in FSExpo interview as Cameron mention). I’m very excited to see new graphics engine they have been working on soon! 😆

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