A330 Routes

Hello IF Community I’m back with a question ?what airline operates a A330 short haul route into or outbound of lax

Since you guys are very good

•No more 3 hours

I don’t think someone does it, but you guys are awesome at doing what you do

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Hey there, there is a short route from Delta, from KLAX to KJFK with the A330.
Aprox. 4h ;)


Thanks but I’m not the type of 4 hours


But that could be the only route on a a330

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Perhaps if you get some nice tailwinds it could be under 3 😉

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True true maybe

Use the filter option in Flightradar24. Choose your airport and aircraft and there you go. You can only see the current flights so I think you should watch several times to find all a330 flights.

Thanks I actually thought about that but I was indecisive

go for dallas maybe
(i am from hong kong and i only know few big usa cities)

KATL in 3 1/2 hours

When you say

What do you mean

You can fly to KATL from KLAX in 3 1/2 hrs

Ok thanks @TylerShah and the rest

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3 and a half

Singapore Airlines uses A330s for shorter flights ,you can consider a flight with SIA.

Singapore - Kuala Lumpur is a short flight with Singapore A330

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I need the Callsign @lanie.drusilla and @TylerShah

A couple of years ago, Delta flew the A330 from MSP to LAX. They don’t do it anymore though

I mean the shortest one I know of is LAX to JFK like they said above. It’s a little over your preferred flight time. I’d suggest looking at windy.com to see if you’ve got good winds for the route.

Ok I will because @TylerShah said Atlanta to lax

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