A330 rotates when A320 is about to touch down

What do you think of this?


Wow, this is great but very dangerous.

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I think it is a duplicate. Let me try to find the topic

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Only if IF ATC could stack this tightly.


Here is the other topic:


If the a320 go around he can hit the a330…

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Perfect controlling if you ask me.

The preceding aircraft has ‘departed’ the runway therefore the following aircraft has landing clearance.

Nicely done ATC. :D


Not at their relative speeds he can’t. The landing aircraft will be back at Vapp+5, say 140-145kt’s. If he hit’s TOGA the aircraft will pitch to give him max climb and maintain the speed as he retracts gear and cleans up a stage of flap whilst climbing to the MAP height. The preceding aircraft will be rotating at around 150kt’s (rough figure obviously) and climbing out at V2+15 so, say 165-170kts to accel height (AAL+1000’) then accelerating, on a different lateral path, to 250kts.

No danger of conflict.


I would disagree with it being dangerous, it has the potential to be. But the ATC at what I believe is Heathrow? (I swear I saw this on Sky News) Would have calculated this down to the t. Its none the less a really impressive sight!


Duplicate topic.

Original found here -

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When IFATC control something we consider is anticipated spacing, and this allows us to do what you saw on the video. I have actually seen IFATC do this before and when I have been controlling and the line of traffic starts to build I do this myself.

What is the timing of landing clearance under these circumstances, or would you get a land after clearance?

No it is Sydney.

Here is the pilots conversation

Captain "Oh look, they’re bringing us in tight!"
First Officer "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"
Captain "I love it when this happens!"
First Officer “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”