A330 rework thread still closed

Just wondering why it’s still closed. The 777 and A350 development are both done with. Currently it still has the highest votes and it should be prioritized for a rework first as for it had substantial votes almost a year ago. And for how long exactly will it be noted internally for?

The A330 Rework is planned for the future. It received a soft rework around a year ago. As you can see, here is Misha’s statement :)



Ok? So I assume you’re not bored of the soft rework which did add nice wing flex and a better flight control of the A330 and that’s about it. The vast majority of people who voted for that aircraft have been wanting a rework since 2016 and it took IF 3 years to just have it a soft rework? Come on they’re better than that

The 777 rework was planned before the A330 soft rework. Possibly 21.1 (Unlikely 20.3) will have the A330 rework. We never know what the development team goes through. They have it noted. It will come eventually, I’m sure the wait won’t be too long.


To add one more thing, The 777 had the most votes on this topic. ATR is 2nd. The A330 placed 4th. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store!

If it really is going to follow this poll, I must say thats a bummer for me tho but maybe the vast majority would love it

I do understand, I also really want an A330 rework along with the -200 variant. I don’t believe they are going entirely off the poll though so don’t worry!

I also don’t think IF would make yet another long haul aircraft. We got the A350 and the 777 rework back to back. I think it’s time we get a short-medium hauler in the sim. The 757 has surged in popularity ever since the new aircraft poll and that would be a perfect candidate for IFs next aircraft. I love the A330 to and want a rework, but I don’t think it’s going to be coming out in the foreseeable future.

I think its time for the community to follow the voting system and not forget that some planes have substantial amount of votes back then but is getting quite forgotten. IF encouraged the community to remove their votes for the A330 and as another plane surpasses it today, it will be this new poll, for instance the 757, which gets the higher votes to be reworked but the A330 poll was closed a while back.

The A330 feature request was closed a while ago because the aircraft received a soft rework due to popular demand, which included updated physics and wing flex.

The develops know and understand that many of us would love to see a full A330 rework in the future (me included) and understand the demand for it. Therefore the closed the topic as they have noted it internally and wanted to return our votes to us so we can vote on another feature that we would like to see added to the game.


Cool but for how long would they be noting it internally for? Also, they could have noted it internally without having the topic closed in my opinion. Returning of votes wasn’t necessary as for many wanted it at the time. Conducting a new poll for the community to decide on a plane too wasn’t necessary. Following the voting system, the plane should have had a major rework instead of the minor. Its as if IF was avoiding the major rework but understandable at the time maybe because they didn’t have enough resources to replicate a downscaled version of the A330. As of now, i dont see why the topic shall remain closed. If it remains closed and IF is doing something about it then great job!

They note it internally for no set period of time. They know the community want it and it is likely that the aircraft will receive a full rework in the future. 20.2 just came out, so plenty of things to enjoy.

The thing is, the developers know and understand that many people want it, therefore they did a polite thing and returned the votes to the users that voted so they could vote on something else they would love to see added. This way they can get more of an idea on further things that the community wants, which I’m sure is what you want.

Another update was near release at the time of the minor rework, therefore it was too late in this development cycle to complete a full rework without delaying the update for a while.

Hope this answers your questions!

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Righty thank you. Just to note, no set period of time is really ridiculous. Thanks for your help and am really looking forward for the poll to be opened and for the community to follow the voting system for the betterment of the game, and to watch IF progress on this after their 20.2 break. Not sure if there are plenty of things to enjoy though its another 777 which flies amazing by the way.

Thanks for trying to answer them and Id like this topic closed please.

No worries, glad I could help and provide some clarity.

Have a good day mate and stay safe!


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