A330 Rendering glitch

It’s not a big deal in terms of performance but when I was flying in the A330 and randomly going around in interior view, I looked up at the cockpit to see pink sections which I presume is a render glitch. Btw the picture quality is low because I use all low,settings.

This is an issue that has been noted many times with multiple different aircraft, as of right now I don’t believe there is a fix for it, however I can assure you this has been noted by developers.

Specifically, it has been noted on A350s, 777s and many others, but I believe this is the first A330 one.

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KC-10, happened everytime

Things like this is present in pretty much ever single app where you have a camera than can be moved around freely and there’s 3D models involved.

Move it to a place where it’s not supposed to be = things will look funky.


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