A330 puts nose up when over FL380

So the nose of my a330 is always above 38,000 ft up and I am loosing airspeed and ground speed.
How can I fix this?


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To a certain degree this is normal as it is necessary for the plane to let the air flow over and under the wings to stay in the air. How much does the nose lift up while cruising?

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At 38,000 ft it’s just a little bit up. But above it, I am loosing fast speed and my noose it’s getting 50 % more upper than before.

Alright, there might be plenty of reasons. First things first: longhaul flight or medium haul?
It really depends how much your plane weights. If you just started your flight and you’re to fast at a high altitude, your plane might be too heavy for the thin air at FL380. Therefore aviation uses stepclimbs.
Here is a good tutorial from Tyler:

In conclusion: if you are too high your plane tries to stay at the flight level and the more power is needed and the nose sometimes tend to pitch up.

This might be the reason. Try to fly at a lower level at the beginning of your flight. Hope this is the solution :).


Yes, it was the solution. Thanks!

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Hey check this out also as well as the step climb tutorial

[Updated] Reworked A330 Full Performance Analysis and Fuel Guide - Ground School / Community Tutorials - Infinite Flight Community
This will help with what altitude to step climb to at what weight to save fuel also !!


Thanks! Im Fact the a330 is way to underpowerd.

Well the A330’s operating cruising altitude ceiling is 41.000ft. But when you are heavy you cant go higher than 37000 or 38000. Especially for ultra long hauls you begin your cruise at 33000 - 35000 in order to maintain your fuel etc. Only when you are flying light weight you can climb high! Don’t expect all aircrafts to be flown in the same way as the A320 or B737


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