A330 Pitch Issues

So when i was descending into Beijing capital i noticed the a330 nose pitch dips down below the horizon even during normal vertical speed? I thought the physics were supposed to be fixed or is this accurate? i used vnav and it descended at 1900-1400. like I had burned down all my fuel to around 48% putting me below my mlow, and in the green. i had the weight evenly distributed, but yet the plane was still like pitching slightly below the 0 mark. imagine the 757 before the update

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Uhh. Your title doesn’t correspond with the issue. Could you emphasize what it is exactly that you’re looking for assistance with?

It could be your weight. Were you above the MLW?

way below. 48 percent. evenly distributed too. its like, the plane simply was flying like a 757 before the update and after burning down all my fuel it started to lower its pitch.

im asking if theres a bug with the aircrafts physics. unless its accurate to real life, the plane shouldnt be pitching down everytime you descend at a normal vs. weight, distrobution and evetrything is normal and below mlw, and unlike the feworked a350, 777, 787, dc 10, etc, the plane dips below that green horizon like on the hud everytime it descends.

You’re probably going quite fast
What was your speed?
I’m currently descending at 320kts and my nose is below the horizon(vs -1700 btw)

If your angle of attack is not negative then it’s fine. I’m not sure if the devs did much to the physics. It flew pretty well to begin with.

i was descending pretty slowly near the end and it still did it until i went SLOW SLOW… like at cruise it was at the like 0 sngle of attack and then at maybe 15,000 and 260 knots it stayed below the horizon still

Usually at 15,000 if I’m not rushing I would be at 220kts

i was going a bit fast, but im tellin ya it was doing this weird stuff even at top of descent and cruise after all my fuel has burned off… i slowed down from 260-230 and then to 200 by 10,000 and it was still a bit of a strange angle of attack

This is not accurate. The A320 nearly always descends with the attitude below the horizon from higher altitudes - same thing applies to the A330; what makes you think this is abnormal?

Here’s a screen snippet of a totally normal managed (LNAV/VNAV) descent.



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