A330 performing a go around in the African sunset. (Cloud and Sky edit)

A couple weeks ago, I caught an A330 performing a go around in the training server at Johannesburg in the African sunset. I just recently decided to screenshot it and adjust, enhance and edit the sky. The result was this image that surprised me enough that I just had to share it. Ok, enough talking. Here it is!

route: DNMM - FAOR
Airline: South African Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Server: Training server
Time: Sunset

Image edit 1:

Image edit 2:


Out of the 3, which one is your favourite?

And since it’s Christmas day that I am posting this, I hope everyone who celebrates had an amazingly merry Christmas!


Another photo just on the verge of being Infinite Flight or just photoshop, but either way it’s a stunner!

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the 1st and 2nd 😍

Ah, I wish we had gear tilt on the A330. Then it would’ve been perfect!! Out of the three, I would say, the 3rd one.


Nice job! Number 1 is definitely my favorite edit.

Out of all aircrafts, a350 is the only one with gear tilt right ?

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Correct, A350 is the only one.

I wish you could get views like #1 in IF…Awesome edits!

Number 1 is stunning!

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Love the first one better nice edits

I personally love the first edit, all round great job and keep it up mate, can’t wait to see more.

You can always go-around 🎶. Great photos 😍